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The Real F-Word: Fraud Indicators for the Modern World (CE Webinar)

July 21 @ 12:00 am 11:59 pm

We will educate on the far-reaching impact that fraud leaves on the entirety of our country, the industry and even our personal, household budgets. We will discuss various reasons why using the word “Fraud” within claim files has created potential high risk problems for insurance companies. Some are the result of public policy and legislation; others are the result of public perception; and others are the result of preemptively preparing for inevitable legal explorations.

We will unravel some of the confusion as to why many insurance companies have set “Zero Fraud” policies for their claims adjusting divisions and explain practical approaches to investigating and uncovering insurance fraud without creating a potential record trail that could be used by plaintiffs to argue “bad faith” on the part of the adjuster. We will discuss a wide array of different fraud indicators and use stories born out of experience to help the participant connect the dots from what we discuss to their actual claim files.

This course aims to creative educate claim professions on the topic of fraud awareness by unraveling why it can seem like the real world is out of sync with company “claim language” policies. Many of those policies have created an environment that for some, feels at odds with their duty to investigate and uncover instances of fraud. We will discuss ways to both document concerns while also following company policy by focusing on and addressing the individual fraud indicators found within a claim. By the end of this course, adjusters will also have a clear understanding of what “red flags” merit additional caution and when different fraud indicators warrant a more thorough investigation.

Learn About These Core Issues:

  • The Massive Problem of Insurance Fraud
  • How “Fraud” Became a Naughty Word
  • Fraud Indicators
  • The Risks Related to Investigating Fraud
  • The Power of Awareness