The More You Know: Part 2 of the “Do Your Research” Series (CE Webinar)

There is no one-size-fits-all-solution when it comes to doing research. There are numerous resources and record types available on and offline. Frasco works with you to fulfill your investigative objective using customized strategies. Learn about background research levels and what’s included in each tier from the very basic to a custom investigation. Understand why deep […]

2022 Annual Membership Meeting

The Coalition’s Annual Membership Meeting one of the nation’s premier anti-fraud event. Experts will discuss new fraud trends developing across the ever-changing fraud landscape both domestically and abroad. Networking is a very important part of the event as fraud fighting superstars mingle and connect to strengthen their network. REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

The Blueprint for Insurance Defense Investigations

2022 December Lunch & Learn - The Blueprint for Insurance Defense Investigations Accidents happen daily! However, in the insurance industry, is it really an “accident” or a setup? Is the insured or claimant the victim or part of the plan? Is the body shop repairing the vehicle or causing further damage? Quickly recognizing the warning […]

4th Quarter Virtual Training Meeting

"How to plan & use information from Computers, Cell Phone and the Cloud” This training will take us into the different sources of electronic data and the challenges of preserving, examining, and using that data in fraud cases. Computers, Cell Phones and the Cloud all have unique data types that can be crucial to a […]