Fraud Tracker


Feds End Reign Of Insurance Fraud ‘King’

Date: 10/04/2002

Subject: Auto - staged

Spitzer vows to get tougher on insurance fraud

Date: 10/02/2002

Subject: Fraud General

Man gets jail in 9-11 fraud: Filed insurance claim on father

Date: 10/01/2002

Subject: Life Insurance

Progressive nails adjuster for submitting fake claims

Date: 12/14/2001

Subject: Insider - insurer

N.Y. doc convicted of falsely billing ins. companies

Date: 02/10/2001

Subject: Medical - false claims

Lawsuit charges auto crash scam

Date: 10/02/1996

Subject: Auto - staged

`Stunt Drivers` among 146 charged in insurance scam

Date: 08/08/1986

Subject: Auto - staged

5 fires ignite at Carolina woman’s home in 11 years

Date: 07/20/0019

Subject: Homeowners - arson

Peachtree City Man Wanted for Fraud, Forgery


Subject: Contractor fraud

Immigrant diagnoses allegedly faked in Mich.


Subject: Drug Diversion