FraudBlog: Pearls + Metal = 30th Anniversary Celebration

Posted by Kendra Smith

By Kendra Smith | August 10, 2023

While drafting this blog, I wanted to highlight the Coalition’s 30th “Silver” year milestone. Silver represents expanding awareness, enhancing intuition, and increasing compassion, persistence, and strength. These qualities capture every ounce of the Coalition’s mission from 30 years ago to today. I wonder if the Coalition’s charter members and founding Executive Director envisioned that one day the Coalition would be the nation’s leading organization working with consumers, government, insurers, and others in fighting insurance fraud across the globe.

Our website states, “Consumers, insurers, government agencies, legislators, prosecutors, and other committed partners come together under the Coalition banner.” This is what makes the Coalition genuinely unique. Our members are dedicated to fighting fraud by serving on a committee or task force, participating in webinars, writing blogs, JIFA articles, and so much more. 

Over the years, the Coalition has reached out to our members to hear feedback on how we can improve their member experience. Members often suggest webinar topics, ways to improve our membership meetings and location preferences. A year ago, we introduced the YourMembership database, which allows our members to connect with each other, process dues payments online, and register for membership meetings. The Coalition has come a long way, and now in 2023, our Chief of Communications is now offering his multi-award-winning creative services to our members. Here are just a few of the new creative services being offered … • Brand/ Marketing Strategies • PowerPoint Presentation Templates • Traditional Ads • Digital Ads • Website Concepts • Logo Development • Organization Mission Statements • Photo Retouching • SEO Keyword Development • Broadcast Campaigns – Tv/Radio/Digital • Brochures Print And Digital • Multicultural Communications • Translation Services • Reports Designs • Annual Reports • Video Editing.

As members can see and experience, the Coalition is constantly evolving to provide the best services to our membership, and we also work very hard to stay current on recent technology developments related to fighting insurance fraud. At our 2023 Midyear Meeting in Orlando, the Travelers team presented on AI technology and how it can be used to defraud people and companies out of millions of dollars. The Coalition also partnered with our member Verisk on the recent Who Me? Who Commits Insurance Fraud and Why” study and is currently collecting data for the “Keys to Unlocking SIU Success” study with PwC. The results of this study will be rolled out during the Annual Meeting in December. This shows just a tiny fraction of the benefits of being a member of the Coalition, where you have a chance to work with various groups to achieve one common goal … fighting fraud.  

We believe in the power of unity and collaboration to drive positive change. As a valued member, we thank you for being essential to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

As we all know, insurance fraud is a pervasive issue that impacts the insurance industry and the broader society. It drives up costs, disrupts the market, and ultimately affects the well-being of honest policyholders. By joining forces with us, you have the opportunity to contribute significantly to the ongoing battle against this threat and amplify your voices through our platforms.

Why Be Part of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud?

Collective Impact: Together, we can amplify our efforts and create a stronger, more influential voice in the fight against insurance fraud. We enhance our ability to enact meaningful change by pooling our resources and expertise.

Knowledge Sharing: Our Coalition is a hub for sharing insights, best practices, and strategies to effectively combat fraud. As a member, you gain access to a wealth of information that can empower you and your organization.

Networking: Connect with professionals, industry leaders, and experts who share your commitment to eradicating insurance fraud. Forge valuable relationships that can drive collaboration and innovation.

Advocacy: We can advocate for policy changes and regulations that strengthen anti-fraud measures by standing together. Your involvement can contribute to shaping a fair and transparent insurance landscape.

Your Invitation to the Annual Meeting – December 2023

We are thrilled to extend a special invitation to you for our Annual Meeting, scheduled for December 7th and 8th, 2023. Save the Date! This gathering promises to be a cornerstone event for our 30th-year celebration and bring together like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to tackling insurance fraud head-on.

The Annual Meeting will feature engaging discussions and expert presentations to enhance our collective efforts against insurance fraud. It’s an invaluable opportunity to learn from industry thought leaders, share your insights and play an active role in shaping the Coalition’s future endeavors. Look out for further communication from us soon, including the official registration link and detailed agenda. By attending the Annual Meeting, you take a crucial step toward strengthening our Coalition and making a tangible impact on the fight against insurance fraud.

Today, the Coalition stands strong with nearly 300 members and six staffers ready to tackle fraud for another 30 years. Thank you all for being so dedicated to this vital cause. We look forward to your presence at the Annual Meeting in December 2023. 

The author

Kendra Smith is the Member Services & Events Manager and has been a part of the Coalition team since 2007.