The Coalition thrives on the energy, vision and creative ideas of our members. Our committees reflect the Coalition’s inclusive membership — unique among all anti-fraud organizations. Insurers … government leaders … consumer groups … business partners … law firms … and other member organizations. They’re all deeply involved in our committees. Our leaders truly reflect the diverse partners that define the Coalition’s anti-fraud mission. 

For more information or to find out how to join a committee, contact the staff liaison below.


Mission: This is the Coalition’s chief governing committee. It sets our overall direction, strategy and operations. Executive Officers and Members are elected by the Board of Directors. Co-Chair: David Rioux, Erie Insurance. Staff liaison: Matthew J. Smith, Esq.

Public Information 

Mission: Directs outreach programs to empower consumers to avoid scammers and report fraud, encourage honesty in all insurance dealings and helps build national awareness of fraud’s widespread damage. We deploy a large arsenal such as: social media, news coverage, infographics and consumer videos. Awards help tell the fraud story: Prosecutor of the YearJournalist of the Year and our Apollo Leadership Award. Also elects the annual Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame. Chair: Tom Donahue, Verisk Staff liaison: Joseph Matos

Government Affairs

Mission: Oversees state and federal strategy — pursuing fraud laws and regulations to strengthen the fraud fight. Launches grassroots legislative campaigns. Helps organize support for strong anti-fraud laws … Drafts and updates Coalition model acts. Many states have adopted Coalition models — in whole or in part. Chair: Kate Gordon, AIG and Vice Chair: Delpha Digiacomo. Staff liaison: Brent J. Walker

Legal Affairs 

Mission: Closely monitors Federal and state courts to identify major decisions affecting insurance fraud. Ensures the Coalition’s databases of state laws and regulations are regularly updated as a valuable member reference tool. Supports our amicus curiae brief program: by identifying cases and often drafting Coalition amicus briefs. Membership is by invitation only. Chair: Ross Silverman, Esq., Katten Muchin Rosenmann LLP and Vice Chair: Jeffrey Rapattoni, Esq. Marshall Dennehey. Staff liaison: Matthew J. Smith, Esq.

Amicus Review

Mission: Identifies important cases for filing amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs in state and federal courts. Amicus briefs offer compelling legal arguments to influence major court decisions. These decisions set national precedents that support the fraud fight. Courts have cited legal arguments by the Coalition in decisions. Chair: Jim Brown, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Professor of Law emeritus. Staff liaison: Matthew Smith


Mission: Conducts research whose data-driven findings help fraud fighters and other decision-makers better understand the fraud problem and fashion workable solutions. The Coalition is widely known for our recurring and one-of-a-kind studies. Study metrics and insightful analyses alert decision-makers to emerging trends that help influence policymaking and management directions. Chair: David Rioux, Erie Insurance and Vice Chair: Steve Jarrett, Westfield Insurance. Staff liaison: Matthew Smith

Financial Review

The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the organization’s budget. Their sole responsibility is to ensure the organization is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to the community.

Associate Member Task Force

Since the inception of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud the concept of supporting members has been an integral part of our mission to fight insurance fraud.  The leadership and staff of the Coalition are keenly aware of the importance of including our Associate, or vendor partners, in all aspects of the Coalition’s mission and strategy. This task force was created to keep Associate partners informed and engaged. Co-chairs: Frank Sztuk, Delta Group and Dennis Toomey, Protiviti

Fraud Risk Management Task Force

The Fraud Risk Management Task Force brings together members from across the Coalition to collaborate, share best practices and build awareness of the need for collective enterprise fraud risk management. The task force focuses on key areas such as fraud risk management, principles of fraud risk governance, risk assessment, control activities and program monitoring. Co-chair: James Rumph, Nationwide Insurance.

Life & Disability Task Force

Life & Disability Insurance taskforce is an entity created by the board of directors in 2001. The taskforce explores fraud issues specific to this line of insurance, life insurers and consumers. Chair: Carmen Russo, Disability Co-chair – Steve Pierson, Hartford and Life Co-chairCindy Belmore, MassMutual

Workers Compensation Task Force

The mission of the Workers’ Compensation Task Force is to study the nature and effectiveness of state approaches to workers’ compensation and related issues. Co-chairs: Dominic Dugo and Gene Donnelly, Zenith Insurance