Model Acts

The Coalition develops model acts to guide pursuing state laws to better shield consumers and insurers from scams. Dozens of states have adopted Coalition models in whole or part. Questions? Email Matthew Smith or call 202-393-7332.

Insurance Fraud Act

Most-inclusive state model insurance fraud law ever developed. Defines fraud — including attempted fraud, and fraud by insurer personnel. Also covers penalties, restitution, civil remedies, reporting immunity, and insurer regulatory requirements. Drafted with input from insurers, consumers, regulators and law enforcement. Download.

Fraud Bureau Act

States have a complete tool to create — or expand — an insurance fraud bureau. Defines terms, levels of authority, civil immunity for investigators, and referring cases for prosecution. Also covers fraud bureau funding, prosecution and fining authority. Download. If you go to the FUNDING section of the model it says the white paper follows the model act language. 

Anti-Runner Act

Criminalizes recruiting for fraud schemes such as staged crashes, “runners” and medical rings.

Other model laws the Coalition supports include: