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Welcome to our testimonial hub, where voices of satisfaction speak loudest. Discover firsthand experiences by our valued members, shared by those who’ve entrusted us. Their positive experiences are the heartbeat of our success, and we’re thrilled to share them with you. Feel free to explore their testimonials about being a part of the Coalition. 

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Dennis Jay and I became fast friends as we wanted the same things out of our businesses… impact the industry as a whole in fighting fraud. Through the years I could always count on the Coalition for advice, the latest in industry news and global support. – Mike Malone, Chairman & CEO, Allied Universal Compliance & Investigations.

I truly feel that I owe a lot of my career to the Coalition and look forward to continuing to be an active member of this great group. – Frank Sztuk, Senior Vice President Investigative Services, Delta Group.

 The Coalition has been, and will continue to be, NCOIL’s “go to” resource when dealing with insurance fraud issues. NCOIL looks forward to continuing its work with the Coalition in the years ahead. – William Melofchik, General Counsel, NCOIL.

I’m grateful. I’m humbled. I’m honored. Dennis, thank you for asking me to sit at the “big kids’ table” all those years ago! Matthew, thank you for keeping my chair. – Heidi Krumenauer, Enterprise Portfolio Strategist, American Family Insurance.

I used information provided by the Coalition when preparing presentations for local state groups and national conferences. Dennis Jay was a prominent figure on the National insurance fraud scene and I was pleased to serve with him on insurance fraud management panels and on other Boards. – Ted Clark, Anti-Fraud Division Director (Ret), Kansas Insurance Department.

 During the two decades that I have been involved with the Coalition, I have seen the organization grow to one of the premier fraud fighting organizations in the world, providing a beacon of light and guidance to the entire fraud fighting community. – J. Michael Skiba, MBA, PhD, “Dr. Fraud, Vice President, International Counter Fraud, Inform

Joining this Coalition has been rewarding beyond words. This group has provided an avenue where I can use my voice to educate the insurance community about workers’ compensation premium fraud. – Lina Valencia Ignatius / Investigations Project Lead, Pinnacol Assurance.

I attended my first Coalition meeting. I remember being as excited as a five-year-old on their first trip to Disney World. Networking with fellow insurance fraud fighters nationwide and learning how they addressed new schemes and emerging insurance fraud trends was a turning point in my career. – John Butchko, Retired Chief Of Investigation, State of New Jersey, Department of Insurance, Bureau of Fraud Deterrence.

Within a week of joining, I had asked if an amicus brief could be filed on a case of interest to work comp carriers in Pennsylvania. It was approved and assisted in carriers’ successfully prevailing in the case. – Gene P. Donnelly, Assistant Vice President, SIU, Zenith Insurance Company.

But my fondest memory and what I appreciate most about the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud is the close partnership and support they have provided IASIU over the years … They have also always made sure IASIU had a seat at the table and a voice when critical issues faced the industry, and for that I will always remember and appreciate the Coalition. – Celeste Dodson, CPCU, MBA, FCLA, IASIU President

As I reflect on what makes the Coalition a premier organization, I think of what President Calvin Coolidge said, “no enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others; or failing therein it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist”. – Michael R. Grenon, CIFI, FCLA, LPCS, Director, Special Investigations Unit, Employers

The membership has given me the opportunity to work with other lawyers around the country on legal issues involved in insurance fraud investigation as a part of the Legal Affairs Committee. – Gene A. Weisberg, Co-President, GladstoneWeisberg

 To me, the annual and mid-year meetings are like high school reunions, where I get the chance to reconnect with old friends and meet new friends. I am truly blessed by the number of friends and mentors I’ve met over the years as a member of the Coalition! – Tom Donahue, CIFI, FCLS, Vice President, SIU Engagement/Claims Solutions, Verisk

The Coalition through the incredible work done over the last thirty years continues to uniquely provide awareness and unite in fighting the good fight against insurance fraud.  – Steve Piper, Global Head of Special Investigations, CNA Insurance