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Car being towed onto a tow truck

Bandit towing firms

Your car is your castle on four wheels. Even a legitimate accident may lead to fraud if “towing bandits” haul your damaged vehicle to a crooked body shop for shoddy, inflated repairs. Beware of trucks which “conveniently” arrive to help.

Fraud Stats

Stats reveal fraud trends. How big is fraud? … How much damage … Progress we’re making — or not … What scams are happening, and why. Find the fraud facts — across all lines of insurance.

$308.6B stolen

Line up those $308.6B stolen every year. They stretch to the moon and back — 16 times!

3 of 4 fraud growing

That’s how many insurance companies are convinced fraud is spreading farther in recent years.

4 of 5 worried

The vast majority of consumers say they’re concerned about insurance fraud — and its damage.

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