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The Coalition is the national hub for the anti-fraud community. We unite diverse organizations to support the fraud fight … share data and trends … and expand vital fraud fighting connections.

Insurers, consumer groups, government agencies and other partners know the Coalition is a valuable investment. More than 220 organizations are members. Interested in becoming a member?

How you benefit

Network with anti-fraud leaders: Prosecutors, fraud bureau chiefs, legislators, regulators, insurers and consumer leaders.

  • Trend briefings by leading experts.
  • Searchable databases of fraud laws & regulations.
  • Arrest & conviction data.
  • Legal support through amicus briefs.
  • Consumer outreach: Free Coalition videos & infographics to use with your own name, logo & URL.

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Get involved

Volunteering for Coalition committees and task forces is a valuable way to support the fraud fight. You’ll work on specific projects. Help develop strategy for legislation, regulation, research studies and public outreach programs.

Member dues

The Coalition is financed mainly through annual dues paid by for-profit members. Dues for 2020:

  • Property-casualty insurers: $3,000-$33,600, based on direct written premium.
  • Life-health-disability insurers: $3,000-$16,300, based on direct written premium or lives covered.
  • Businesses providing anti-fraud products & services: $7,500.
  • Associations: $6,200.
  • Law firms: $5,000 (membership by invitation only).
  • Government organizations: Free of charge.

Recognized consumer & public-interest groups: Free of charge.


Email or fax a signed membership application:

The Coalition has a long history of helping America become a less-friendly place for insurance fraud. Our members agree the Coalition provides tremendous value for their dues dollar.


Email Matthew Smith, Executive Director, or phone 202-393-7332.