Videos & Infographics

The Coalition provides a complete “toolkit” to help members promote their anti-fraud message. Videos and infographics may even be customized with your logo and URL. Contact [email protected].


Choices (90-second without subtitles)

Choices (30-second with subtitles)

Choices (20-second with subtitles)

Bad Day

Hitting the Roof 


Weekend Warrior 

Asking for Trouble

Big Screen 

Lost and Found 

Permanent Record 

Don't Be a But

Weasy Money

Weasily Embarrassed

Steve Slip-and-Fall - Part 1

Steve Video - Part 2

Know Your Tow Video – PA Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority

Steve Video - Final


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Workers' Compensation Premium Fraud

The Cost of Insurance Fraud

Roofing Scams

Workers Comp Fraud

Healthcare Sharing Ministries

Cybercrime Scams

Robocall Scams

COVID-19 Vaccine Scams-19 Info

COVID-19 Info

Coronavirus Awareness Poster

Insurance Fraud: Why Care?

Bandit towing - Hooked on fraud

Workers Comp Fraud

Protect Against Home Repair Scams

Senior Alert - COVID-19 Scams Spreading

Defend Against COVID-19 Medical ID Fraud

COVID-19 Car Insurance Scams

Telemed Insurer

Telemed Patient

$80 Billion Ripoff

Expert speakers

Coalition staff are nationally known experts on wide-ranging anti-fraud topics. Presenting at events sponsored by industry, consumers, government, business and academia.

Please note:

  • We normally present as keynotes or at general sessions.
  • As a nonprofit, we request reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses.

Contact Mathew Smith, Executive Director or 202-393-7332.