Videos & Infographics

The Coalition provides a complete “toolkit” to help members promote their anti-fraud message. Videos and infographics may even be customized with your logo and URL. Contact [email protected].


Choices (30-second without subtitles)

Choices (90-second with subtitles)

Choices (20-second with subtitles)

Bad Day

Hitting the Roof 


Weekend Warrior 

Asking for Trouble

Big Screen 

Lost and Found 

Permanent Record 

Don't Be a But

Weasy Money

Weasily Embarrassed

Steve Slip-and-Fall - Part 1

Steve Video - Part 2

Know Your Tow Video – PA Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority

Steve Video - Final


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Life Insurance Fraud

Spanish version

Public Adjusters and Your Claim

Spanish version

Workers' Compensation Premium Fraud

Spanish version

The Cost of Insurance Fraud

Spanish version

Roofing Scams

Spanish version

Workers Comp Fraud

Healthcare Sharing Ministries

Cybercrime Scams

Robocall Scams

COVID-19 Vaccine Scams-19 Info

COVID-19 Info

Coronavirus Awareness Poster

Insurance Fraud: Why Care?

Bandit towing - Hooked on fraud

Workers Comp Fraud

Protect Against Home Repair Scams

Senior Alert - COVID-19 Scams Spreading

Defend Against COVID-19 Medical ID Fraud

COVID-19 Car Insurance Scams

Telemed Insurer

Telemed Patient

$80 Billion Ripoff

Expert speakers

Coalition staff are nationally known experts on wide-ranging anti-fraud topics. Presenting at events sponsored by industry, consumers, government, business and academia.

Please note:

  • We normally present as keynotes or at general sessions.
  • As a nonprofit, we request reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses.

Contact Mathew Smith, Executive Director or 202-393-7332.