You SHOULD care

Insurance crooks are picking your pocket to line theirs. Insurance fraud is one of America’s largest crimes — at least $308.6B is stolen each year.

We pay. Honest consumers like you pay. Lives, families, businesses and careers are wrecked … Your money is stolen … Your insurance premiums rise … People are maimed, crippled and murdered. Some harmless prank.

Scamming worth it? Committing fraud’s tempting. Careful — is easy money that easy? Trained investigators … jail … big fines … permanent criminal record … lose your job … great role model for your kids and community.

Fight back and win ...

Keep scammers away. Protect your family, bank account and yourself from crooks: Stay alert, ask questions and go slow.

Here are some general tips …

  • Be wary of door-to-door or telephone sales people.
  • Contact your state insurance department to make sure your insurance agent or unfamiliar insurer are licensed.
  • Keep your Medicare ID number secret. Crooks can steal it and make scams against your coverage.
  • After a vehicle crash … Take photos of the vehicles, damage and passengers. You can prevent fake injury and damage claims.
  • Contact your state insurance department or National Insurance Crime Bureau (1-800-835-6422) to report a scam.

Also check out the Coalition’s consumer alerts for more helpful ideas.