About Us

Insurance fraud is the crime we all pay for costing consumers more than $308.6B each year. Formed in 1993, the Coalition is the nation’s only alliance uniting all groups against insurance fraud. 300 member organizations comprise the Coalition.

Consumers, insurers, government agencies, legislators, prosecutors and other committed partners come together under the Coalition banner. We fight all forms of insurance scams regardless of whom commits the fraud.

The power of our diversity and unity in protecting consumers earns the Coalition unparalleled credibility. The Coalition leads the fight against insurance fraud in our nation and with our global partners.

The Coalition is governed by our Board of Directors and Executive Committee in accordance with our By-Laws

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Coalition actions

Coalition campaigns educate consumers to defend against scams … We work to enact strong state anti-fraud laws … Undertake ground-breaking insurance fraud fighting research … Speak to America’s courts through our legal briefs … And, work with our partner anti-fraud groups to lower insurance-fraud harm for all Americans.


To leverage the combined energy and resources of consumers, government organizations and insurers. Fostering an environment and forum where collaboration thrives to: 1) combat all forms of insurance fraud, 2) reduce costs for consumers and insurers, and 3) promote fairness and integrity in the insurance system.


Inclusion. We include all who seek to combat insurance fraud, intentionally respecting and supporting diversity of perspective.

Integrity. We operate fairly and ethically in dealing with members, partners and stakeholders to create a relationship of mutual trust.

Leadership. We maintain a high level of leadership in the individuals selected to represent our organization for the benefit of our members.

Collaboration. We partner with consumers, insurers, government organizations and others to empower greater effective fraud-fighting efforts.

Expertise. We protect our reputation to continually be viewed as a leader in research, collaboration and innovative anti-fraud solutions.