EDU 330-126: Safety Training For Private Sector Field Employees

Due to the nature of the job and the unpredictable nature of humans, it’s critical that industry field staff proactively identify, anticipate and determine how they will diffuse potential safety issues that may arise during a claim investigation. As field safety has been a priority of the NAIC’s Antifraud (D) Task Force, the task force […]

From Compliance to Enforcement: Effective Liaising with Regulators

Even the most compliant Financial Services organizations can find themselves facing regulatory enforcement. Join our fireside chat as we discuss the events and timelines associated with regulatory enforcement actions from their source, i.e., complaints and referrals through CIDs, documentation, corrective action and resolution. We’ll also cover how to develop effective regulatory liaising strategies that have […]

The Real F-Word: Fraud Indicators for the Modern World (CE Webinar)

We will unravel some of the confusion as to why many insurance companies have set “Zero Fraud” policies for their claims adjusting divisions and explain practical approaches to investigating and uncovering insurance fraud without creating a potential record trail that could be used by plaintiffs to argue “bad faith” on the part of the adjuster. […]

Workers’ Compensation Task Force Webinar

The Coalition's Workers’ Compensation Task Force met over a period of 15 months with the goals to develop a comprehensive report on Comp Fraud in America. This report will be released to registrants during the webinar scheduled for Thursday, September 8th from 2-3pm EST hosted by the Coalition. The report includes the first-ever estimated financial […]

3rd Quarter Virtual Training Meeting

"Evolution of Insurance Litigation as Autonomous Vehicles become commonplace” The presentation will focus on the ways in which personal injury and product liability litigation will evolve as Autonomous Vehicles & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (AV/ADAS) systems become more commonplace. The basics of automated vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems will be covered. After a brief […]

NYSSIU-NYACT Fall Conference

Who Should Attend:  All Insurance SIU, Auto, PIP and Property Claims personnel, Law Enforcement and Prosecutors. REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  You must register to be vetted and attend the event. If you already have a NYACT profile, please sign in and register under your profile. Your Certificate of Attendance will reflect however you input your information so please […]