Rapper’s death riff: Son has mother shot for life insurance

Rising rapper wanted fast cash to flaunt bling-based lifestyle for fans

2020 Hall of Shame

Fame would flow to youthful Chicago rapper Qaw’mane Wilson. He just needed to boost his rise to the top as “Young QC” by flashing over-the-top wealth and bling to his fans.

Meanwhile, Wilson’s mother Yolanda showered love and attention on her only child. She bought him a Ford Mustang, jewelry and designer clothes, and even helped him find steady work.

Wilson repaid Yolanda’s caring with gunshots. He had Yolanda murdered for his inheritance — at least $90,000 of life insurance and her savings. Wilson then went on a spending binge to shower cash on his fans. 

Mother shot in bed

Yolanda was worth more dead than alive to Wilson. So he hired Eugene Spencer to shoot her for the money score. Spencer and Wilson’s girlfriend drove to Yolanda’s apartment; he shot Yolanda as she slept in her bed. “Make sure the b— is dead,” Wilson told him in a cell call. So Spencer returned and stabbed Yolanda. 

Wilson quickly withdrew $20,000 from a bank and later tossed wads of money in the air to squealing fans outside a shopping center.

His newfound money and expensive tastes were intoxicating. Wilson showed off puppies he bought for $1,500, a new collection of Air Jordan shoes, plus guns, marijuana and gold chains. He filmed a music video for a rap song, which he placed on YouTube.

He started a new YouTube show called “The Nick Story,” described as a “family drama.” And in videos and selfies, he flaunted the new Mustang and flashy watches.

Wilson received 99 years in prison.

“Whatever he wanted, his mother gave to him. A car. A job. One could say he was spoiled. She gave Qaw’mane life, and it was his choice to take it away from her,” judge Stanley Sacks said at Wilson’s sentencing.